Bucharest – Mergers & Acquisitions


More than a decade ago, ELSA Bucharest organised its first ever Summer ELSA Law School. Two years ago, we decided to change our perspective and fuse our two separate law schools into one. This is how SELS Bucharest on M&A was born. This year we are back with even more to offer. 


Summer ELSA Law School Bucharest on Mergers & Acquisitions 2020 is an international event, which aim is to bring together more than 50 participants from different cultural backgrounds, from the 12th to the 20th of July, in Romania's fascinating capital, Bucharest. Our main goal is to provide our participants with introductory knowledge and skill in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions, and to broaden their perspectives regarding professional life, so that they are able to observe and better understand how such operations are carried out. For us, it is a priority that, during this event, the participants develop their negotiation techniques, in order for them to successfully take measures in the completion of the mergers and acquisitions operations. Nevertheless, we are preparing an outstanding social and cultural programme that will offer our participants the opportunity to discover each other's culture, create meaningful international friendships and unravel the mysteries of the beautiful city of Bucharest, once named the Little Paris in the East.

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