Istanbul – Mergers & Acquisitions


ELSA Istanbul is organizing a Summer ELSA Law School in Istanbul and the event will take place from July 24 - 30, 2023. The students will be hosted by ELSA Istanbul and will participate in a varied academic and social program as is customary.

In the Summer ELSA Law School Istanbul, where the merger and acquisition issue will be discussed in the light of Corporate Law and Competition Law, the participants will have the opportunity to meet the historical and cultural texture of Istanbul, organize trips, and visit legal institutions and authorities in addition to deepening their legal notion and knowledge. The summer school, which has an intensive training program where young lawyers can expand their networks and visions, also promises social activities in the wonderful atmosphere of Istanbul. 

Istanbul is the capital of civilisations, home to many cultures and a city ruled by cats, where you can feel the historical texture in every street. With its cultural richness, unique sea and view, and wide range of social opportunities, SELS Istanbul has the qualities that will fascinate SELS Istanbul participants in every sense. SELS participants will need plenty of coffee :)

Everyone who has been to Istanbul at least once in their life has given the second chance since Istanbul is a magical city and also ELSA Istanbul is organising this event for the 16th time and SELS Istanbul promises a lot to its participants both academically and culturally. 

Participation fees
ELSA member favoured country - 335€
ELSA member non-favoured country - 375€
ELSA Alumni - 410€
Member of a partner organisation - 410€
Non-member - 450€
Extra fees
Gala Ball - 50€
Transfer from/to expectable point of arrival - 30€
Welcome Pack - 30€
Istanbul, Turkey
Republika Hotel Student Aparts, Istanbul
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
ISTAC (Istanbul Arbitration Centre), Akıncı Law Office, Bahtiyar Law Office, GLB Alliance, Istanbul Bar Association, ITOTAM (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Centre), Kadir Has University, Yeditepe University
Complexity of Academic Programme
Academic Programme

Our SELS academic program will consist of 5-day intensive courses on the topic of Mergers and Acquisitions. The event will bring together some of the most competent Turkish experts in this field, most of them legal researchers, experienced lawyers and professors. We also plan to invite members of the TOBB and Istanbul Arbitration Center who is also our Academic Partner.

The academic program of ours is aiming to teach our participants the basics and different components of Mergers and Acquisitions law, and to convey them to the participants at a level that can discuss the areas of competition and commercial law in depth through active discussions and seminars. In order to involve the participants in the discussions and to enable them to collaborate in groups, we will also conduct workshops and case studies.

We will also have case studies/practice hours and institutional visits within our program. Our academic and financial partners will be announced soon via our social media accounts. 

The Academic Program (subject to change):

  • Monday
    • Fundamentals of Turkish Corporate Law
    • What does M&A mean?
    • Theorical and Procedural Principles of M&A
  • Tuesday
    • M&A in the eyes of Competitional Law
    • Modern problems of M&A and modern solutions to these problems
    • Comparative Course of Law, Concept of M&A in Turkish Law System & in other law systems
  • Wednesday
    • What makes arbitration this popular? ”M&A Arbitration”
    • M&A in Multinational Companies
    • Visit to Istanbul University Faculty of Law
  • Thursday
    • What is due diligence and why everyone says that it is getting more important every day?
    • M&A and Intellectual Property Law
    • Visit to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and it’s Arbitration Center (ITOTAM)
  • Friday
    • Interpretation of the precedents on the topic of Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Workshop activity/simulation with a Senior Lawyer who worked on M&A
Covid-19 Requirements
This Summer ELSA Law School is accessible without any COVID-19 requirements.
If the government imposes stricter requirements, those will have to be adhered to.
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