Bucharest – Mergers & Acquisitions

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“Let’s make law better this summer!”

After twelve successful editions of its Summer Schools, ELSA Bucharest decided to come back in full force with a new theme, new location, an amazing academic and social programme and, wait for it…, the longest Summer Law School of them all.

M&A are a big part of the corporate finance world. The process of mergers and acquisitions comprises peculiar, yet complex problems - thus, it reveals an ever-growing industry developed in the contemporary law system, allowing lawyers to adapt their workflow to these challenging issues.

The new approach to the concept of mergers and acquisitions offers participants the opportunity to take part in various academic, social and cultural activities through which they can obtain a whole new bag of information.

Therefore, we invite you to take part in the longest Summer ELSA Law School which will take place for 10 days in the awe-inspiring capital of Romania, Bucharest.

For more information please visit our Official Facebook page and Instagram Account

Maximum participation fees
ELSA Member from a non-favoured country: 360€
ELSA Member from a favoured country: 330€
ELSA Alumni/Member of a partner organisation/Non ELSA Member: 370€
Maximum extra fees
Gala-Ball: 40€
Transport: One-way 15€, Two-ways: 20€
Extra night: 30€
Bucharest, Romania
Hotel Sydney 2000 Izvorani
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
Reff and Associates
bpv Grigorescu Stefanica Law Firm
Academic Programme

Our law school is intended to provide valuable information on a subject that is not so common in the academic fields of universities, namely the domain of mergers and acquisitions. Our programme incorporates the basics of M&A, case studies and a negotiation competition, so that the participants will have the opportunity to use the knowledge gained during our academic programme and be evaluated by an expert in the area. Therefore, our programme is the following:


Day 1



Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions

Lecture 1: Concept and Evolution of Mergers and Acquisitions

Lecture 2: Types of Mergers and Acquisitions

Workshop: Challenges in M&A

Day 2


Leading Factors In M&A Transactions



Lecture 1: Key Influencing Factors of M&A


Lecture 2: Mergers and Acquisitions: Break Ups


Workshop: The Influence of the EU Referendum on M&A


Day 3










M&A In Banking And Insurance Industry Lecture 1: The Impact of M&A on Employees and Consumers


Lecture 2: The Performance of Bank Mergers


Workshop: Mergers and Acquisitions In Banking and Insurance Industry During Financial Crisis


Day 4









Intellectual Property Assets In Mergers&Acquisitions Lecture 1: IP Due Diligence In M&A Transactions


Lecture 2: Liability Considerations for M&A Transactions


Workshop: Intellectual Property Traps in M&A


Day 5


Day 6







Closing and Post-Closing Matters In M&A Transactions


Lecture 1: Risk Management In M&A


Lecture 2: Assuring M&A Integration Success


Workshop: Biggest Merger and Acquisition Disasters


Day 7



Negotiating M&As


 Lecture 1: Strategies for Negotiating a M&A Transaction


Lecture 2: Key Issues In Negotiating M&A


Workshop: The Key Elements In M&A Agreements


Day 8


M&A Negotiation Competition