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ELSA Kent is excited to host the second edition of the ELSA Summer Law School on Migration Law, the first ELSA Summer law school established in the United Kingdom! The event will be hosted in ancient Canterbury, a place of pilgrimage for a millennium and the geographic bridge between the United Kingdom and the European continent.

Migration is the most contentious issue of our time: it is the cause and consequence of the major developments in the world's economy and international relations and in a world that is raising more walls and barriers, now is the time to study this issue! We will critically explore the most important developments and the critical issues in this field of law from many perspectives, such as legal academics, lawyers, and refugees.

Our programme will be updated nearer to the time so keep an eye out for all the exciting things we have planned! Follow the developments on our social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter Come and join us in Canterbury for an unforgettable week!

Maximum participation fees
ELSA Member from a non-favoured country - 350€
ELSA Member from a favoured country - 315€
Alumni/Member of a Partner Organisation - 400€
Non-Member - 450€
Maximum extra fees
Galaball - 40€
Canterbury, United Kingdom
Rutherford College, Canterbury
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
Kent Law School
Academic Programme

The definite academic programme will be posted nearer to the time, however have a look at last year’s programme! 

Day 1:

  • Critical introduction to International Migration Law
  • Overview of migration trends throughout modern history and how law has developed to accommodate them
  • International Migration Law and Human Rights – Professor Sian Lewis-Anthony

Day 2:

  • Professional Account of Security Co-operation in Europe – Domenico Airoma (Italian prosecutor)
  • Case study on Environmental Migration: how climate change will spawn the migration crises of the future

Day 3:

  • Engagement with the leading legal scholars in the United Kingdom

Day 4:

  • The Law in Action: networking event where participants engage with representatives of migration organisations, policy institutions, think-tanks and charities assisting asylum seekers
  • The Future of Permanent Residents after Brexit – by Professor Bernard Ryan (University of Leicester)
  • The Future of Free Movement – freedom and security in a changing world – Professor Anthony Valcke (Brussels School of International Studies)

Day 5:

  • Address by Ledi Bianku – a judge at the European Court of Human Rights
  • Lecture on the rise of isolationism in states’ political agendas and its  impact on migration law
  • Panel discussion: Brexit and the Future of International Cooperation – Tobias Kleim (Kent Law School) and Tom Watts (Kent School of Politics and International Relations)

Day 6:

  • Solicitors from Kent Law Clinic explain their pro bono work to help young migrants gain asylum in the UK
  • Workshop hosted by Kent Law Clinic in which participants apply their learning to the facts of a real case – Richard Warren