Thessaloniki – Medical Law and Bioethics

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They say “If you ever find the recipe to success don’t part from it.” In ELSA Thessaloniki we can reassure you we haven’t. What we have found instead is the key to a beautiful blend. A blend of a strong academic programme, worldwide friendship and astonishing summer nights. A “cocktail” we are trying to perfect. The 4th version of Summer ELSA Law School on Medical Law and Bioethics is a reality. Well, are you ready to unravel the mysteries of Medical Assisted Reproduction in same sex couples? Because this year’s ELSA Thessaloniki’s Summer Law School, with the topic of “Assisted Reproduction and Alternative Family Forms” is.

|Brace yourselves|

Your participation will be certified with ECTs, after verifying your acquired academic knowledge on Medical Law and Bioethics through an exam session. Thessaloniki, the compass of the Balkan culture, the crossroad of European and Asian civilizations will be the city where a “cocktail” of unforgettable nights and days under the sun will be “served”. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of it, because in Thessaloniki you can taste Greek culture and generosity at its best. Visit the ELSA Thessaloniki Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thessisumerschool15/
Maximum participation fees
ELSA Member from a non-favoured country - 320€
ELSA Member from a favoured Country - 295€
ELSA Alumni - 350€
Member of a partner organisation/Non ELSA Member - 370€
Maximum extra fees
Gala Ball - €40
Two-way airport transfer - €25
Thessaloniki, Greece
Holiday Inn, Thessaloniki
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
The Laboratory for the Research of Medical Law and Bioethics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ( http//medlawlab.web.auth.gr/ )
Academic Programme

Our academic programme will include the analysis of case studies and workshops:

  • Reproductive rights: From Theory to Practice
  • European harmonization over national margin of appreciation
  • “Access Terms to Medically Assisted Reproduction (MAR) methods and the Preconditions for the Application of MAR methods
  • “Legislative Restrictions of the requirements for the application of MAR and its Permitted Methods”
  • “Surrogacy, post montem Fertilisation and Cloning as special forms of MAR
  • Surrogacy VS Self Determination of woman
  • A different perspective: the access of single persons and same-sex couples to assisted reproduction~ Should this access be granted to transexual people? 
  • Do imprisoned have access to MAR?
  • Donor Conceived Families: Secrecy VS Disclosure
  • Legal issues concerning the safety of MAR//Criminal Regulatory Framework
  • Intercountry surrogacy agreements and jurisprudence of ECHR