Athens – Maritime Law: Safety & Security

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Maritime Law is the distinct body of law governing navigation and shipping, while maritime transport constitutes the backbone of international trade and the global economy. Thus, issues relating to the hindering of maritime transport, such as safety and security issues, are of paramount importance to all sea-faring nations, with Greece being among them, with maritime transport traditionally being a key factor for its economy since ancient times.
Maximum participation fees
ELSA Members from Non-Favoured Countries: €350
ELSA Members from Favoured Countries: €315
ELSA Alumni: €420
Non ELSA Members: €420
Maximum extra fees
Gala Ball: €50
Cruise Trip (Optional programme; a short sightseeing walk will be provided for those not attending): €50
Athens, Greece
Hotel, Historic Centre of Athens
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Academic Partner
YES forum, HMC, Navigator, NKUA
Academic Programme

Lecture by an ex Executive Director based on the Fundamentals of the Hellenic Shipping Industry

Shipping law: In-House Lawyer, Legal Director

Shipping and Commercial Law: Solicitor/Lecturer, ICS Βanking Finance Procedure Ship Insurance

Market Analysis – Commercial Aspect of Shipping