Oxford, United Kingdom – Summer Institute at Oriel College

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The Summer Institute at Oriel College (University of Oxford) is an exclusive short-term study programme in Oriel College (University of Oxford) run The academic partner is Oriel College (University of Oxford) in partnership with WorldStrides | CBL International. This programme aims to give undergraduates and graduates the opportunity to study in Oxford in an academic subject of their choosing.

Oriel College, a constituent college of the University of Oxford (UK), is founded in 1326 and is the fifth oldest college of the University. Located in Oriel Square, Oriel College is the oldest royal foundation in Oxford, and has also been known as King’s College and King’s Hall in recognition of this royal connection.


Five two-week sessions are held in Oxford:

Session I: 07 July – 20 July 2019

Session II: 21 July – 03 August 2019

Session III: 04 August- 17 August 2019

Session VI: 18 August - 31 August 2019

Session V: 01 September – 14 September 2019

Upon successful completion on the programme, Oriel College will issue a certificate and an academic transcript to the participants, which may be accountable for optional credits depending on the requirements of the participant’s home institution/school/university. Each 2 week session on the programme is designed to be equivalent to 6 ECTS credits or 3 US credits.

Please note that the age limit for applying to this course is maximum 28 years.

Maximum participation fees
2,080 GBP - for the first 2-week session
1,880 GBP  - for each additional 2-week session

The tuition fee for one session (2 weeks) includes one course per week, handouts, leisure activities, one weekend excursion and a whole day in London.

ELSA Members benefit from a 20% discount on the above-mentioned price.

Maximum extra fees

Staying in the colleges of the University of Oxford (UK) is a fantastic way to fully experience student life in Oxford. Accommodation is offered on a bed and breakfast basis, with a single room and shared bathroom facilities. If you would also like to have lunch and dinner in the unique college dining halls, a full board option is available.

1,300 GBP - College accommodation per Session (full board, excluding weekends)

1,350 GBP - Additional Session

Oxford, United Kingdom
Colleges of the University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
CBL International
Academic Programme

Tentative Academic Programme

Week one:


  • Day of Arrival

Monday to Wednesday

  • 9 hours of lectures
  • Evening talks, seminars and workshops
  • Oxford Crown Court Visit
  • … and more


  • London Cultural and Corporate Day


  • Assessment*

Week two:

Monday to Thursday:

  • 12 hours of lectures
  • 2 academic evening talks
  • Study Time to prepare for assessment on Friday
  • … and more


  • Assessment


  • Day of Departure

*An assignment will be given during each course (one examination per week). Course examination results will be listed in your official academic transcript. Workload of Summer Institute at Oriel College Oxford is designed to be equivalent to:

  • 4-6 ECTS (2-3 US credits) per two-week session
  • 8-12 ECTS (4-6 US credits) per four-week session

For more information regarding the different courses please take a look this website.

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