Coimbra – Human Rights Law

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The goal of the Human Right Summer ELSA Law School is learning the types and meanings of human rights and the possible ways of achieving them and encouraging debate around this theme. On the other hand, the Law School aims to allow participants to participate in a series of socio-cultural activities and experience the characterises of the city of Coimbra (students' city). We want to sensitise the participants to all the issues involved and, whenever possible, to find new paths to old problems, or at least new interpretations for the same solutions. The speakers will be specialists in the field and will include lawyers, activists, members of national and international organisations and more. Selected participants will have to fly to Lisbon or to Porto and then take the train or bus to Coimbra.
Maximum participation fees
Non-favoured Countries: €300
Favoured Countries: €280
Non members: €350
ELSA Alumni: €315
Maximum extra fees
Gala Ball: €35
Coimbra, Portugal
NS Hostel & Suites
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra; Ius Gentium Conimbrigae (Human Rights Centre), Coimbra
Academic Programme
  • Day I
    • Reception of participants
  • Day II
    • No academic activities
  • Day III
    • Human Rights: Introduction and concepts
    • History of Human Rights
    • Philosophy of Human Rights
    • Internation Organisations involved with Human Rights
  • Day IV
    • Constitutional and Criminal Law and Human Rights
    • International and European Law and Human Rights
    • Civil Law and Human Rights
    • Procedural Law and Human Rights
  • Day V
    • No academic activities
  • Day VI
    • Democracy: the current path
    • Humanitarian Law
    • The refugee crisis
    • Dictatorships of the 21st century
  • Day VII
    • Universal access to fundamental public services
    • Public Finance and Sustainable Development
    • Environmental Law and Human Rights
    • Amnesty International
  • Day VIII
    • Women and Girls’ Rights
    • Religious and sexual minorities’ rights
    • Inequality caused as a result of sovereign debt
    • NGOs and their fieldwork
  • Day IX
    • Farewells