Frankfurt, Mannheim and Heidelberg – Banking and Finance

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Banking and Finance has been a 'hot' topic in the last few years and still continues to hit the headlines. Although already some time ago, the UK's referendum decision to leave the EU still looms over all our heads. And now its withdrawal-negotiations and their impact on the European capital markets show us the relevance of the topic again.

While some of the news articles following the referendum discussed the chance of Frankfurt (Main) becoming the new 'Banking Capital' of the EU, we offer you the chance to discover Frankfurt first hand. Moreover, you will explore Mannheim - with one of the leading universities in the field of business and economics - which is only a few minutes from the beautiful city of Heidelberg. Heidelberg is one of the most famous medieval cities in Germany and is well known for its beauty.

Key aspect of the 5th edition of our Summer ELSA Law School will be the academic programme, which will include about 30 hours of brilliant lectures and workshops. We not only aim to have the best speakers in each field of law covered, but also to give a practical reference, providing opportunities for interactive involvement and discussions.

Each day after the academic programme of the Summer ELSA Law School on Banking & Finance there will be a thrilling and diverse social programme in order to give, You, the participants not only the opportunity to see the unique region of South-Western Germany but also to get to know each other in a less formal way, e.g. through riding on a party tram, a boat trip, a trip to Heidelberg and a great and diverse evening programme.

In brief: If you want to meet dedicated people, experience a new field of law and have a great week with us, we are looking forward to your application!

For detailed information, please visit our official Website or follow us on Facebook.

Maximum participation fees
ELSA Member from a non-favoured country - 400€
ELSA Member from a favoured country - 360€
Alumni/Member of a partner organisation - 420€
Non ELSA Member - 450€
Maximum extra fees
Gala Ball - 50€
Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim and Heidelberg in Germany
Youth Hostel in Mannheim, Meininger Hostel in Frankfurt am Main
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
University of Mannheim
Academic Programme

Our Summer ELSA Law School on Banking and Finance Law follows the concept of being an international conference concerning the current issues of importance in the field of Banking and Finance. The aim of our one-week programme is to offer you the opportunity to provide yourselves with detailed knowledge in the area of European and International Banking and Capital Market Law.

Our academic programme is dominated by lectures from renowned professors and internationally experienced lawyers, who will share their different views and expertise on the topic with the participants.

At the beginning we want to focus on Capital Markets and their special regulation within the European Union. We even plan to have the opportunity for you to get a little more practical in our Negotiation Competition and a Client Interview Competition.  In the second half of the week the focus shifts to a more practical view on Banking Law and therefore to the financial centre of Europe – Frankfurt (Main). During our stay in Frankfurt we will listen to interesting lecturers, visit one of the largest banks in Europe and meet lawyers from leading law firms and institutions.

The following lectures and sessions are planned:

  • Academic Overview
  • Capital Market Law
  • Credit-Law
  • Issues in Cross-border Litigation
  • Negotiation Competition: Premature Shareholder-Approval on the example of Opel
  • Market Abuse Law
  • The Monetary Policy of the Eurosystem
  • IPOs and other Capital Market Transactions
  • Set-up of a Legal Department in a bank
  • Negative Interest – A Legal Examination
  • Legal Implications of the Brexit
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