Ljubljana – Business Law Challenges

ELSA Nova Gorica presents its first Summer ELSA Law School in Slovenia!

The ELSA Law School on the topic of Business Law Challenges for the Next Decade will be held in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. It will focus on the Top 5 Business Challenges for the business environment in the next decade, as were identified by leading business magazines such as The Harvard Business Review and The Economist.

Each day of our Academic Programme will represent one Business Challenge and we'll discuss it with academics and professionals - about best law practices that have been recently implemented in Europe as an answer to the new reality in the business world and what challenges are still ahead for the law in the next decade.
Our Academic Programme will be led by academics from
and professionals from

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Maximum participation fees
ELSA Member from a non-favoured country: €350
ELSA Member from a favoured country: €315
ELSA Alumni / ALSA Members: €400
Non-ELSA Members: €420
Maximum extra fees
Gala Ball: €50
Transfer from/to expectable point of arrival: €25
Ticket for world-class attraction: train ride inside the Postojna Cave, the most visited tourist cave in Europe: €16.60 (optional programme will be provided for those not attending)
Extra Nights: €35
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hostel DIC, Ljubljana
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
European Faculty of Law
WOLF THEISS Attorneys-at-Law
SCHÖNHERR Attorneys-at-Law (Slovenian branch)
Academic Programme

The following lectures are planned:


M&A transactions, Documentation, Due Diligence, Share Purchase Agreement, Escrow Agreement

  • The trend for the next decade is an increase in the number of small and medium enterprises and mergers of large companies, mainly in the financial & insurance sector. How will this trend affect the M&A field?

DAY 2   |   INSOLVENCY PROCEEDINGS: What have we learnt in the last crisis

  • Restructuring Procedures, Bankruptcy, Non-performing loans, method of preventive restructuring, the establishment and operation of bad banks in EU countries
  • Regulation (EU) 2015/848 on insolvency proceedings and Proposal for a directive 2016/0359

DAY 3   |   INTERNATIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS: Reality vs. Future after the year 2016

CETA (EU – Canada), TTIP (EU – USA), Brexit

  • Analysis of free trade agreements that are already in place, their impact on national legislation and trade agreements that have been signed but not yet implemented (EU – EAC/Vietnam/Singapore…)
  • Brexit: legal and economic impacts (and influence on company law in EU)
  • Panel Discussion: on a topic of international trade agreements (to be announced)


Sharing Economy, Crowdfunding & Crowdinvesting, Uber, Airbnb and Blockchain Technologies

  • Sharing Economy: regulation vs. self-regulation
  • Uber: sharing economy and legal challenges from the perspective of a major global player
  • The future of labour market – sharing economy and blockchain as an opportunity or threat?

DAY 5   |   IP LAW: one of the biggest international trade problems

  • Intellectual property in relation to small and medium-sized enterprises: patents, trademarks and copyright
  • The digital transformation of companies
  • Workshop: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – regarding IP rights