Odesa – Maritime Law

ELSA Odesa was the first ELSA local group to organise an ELSA Law School on the topic of Maritime Law in the entire ELSA network. Odesa always admired painters, sculptors, writers and poets. It seems that inspiration is in every nook of the city, so it is not surprising that you will be enchanted by one of the world's finest opera houses, quiet gardens and charming architecture. The city is located on the shores of the Black Sea, and a large part of it - with its incredible historic centre - is located on the plain. Due to this, almost every part of the city centre offers a beautiful view of the sea. It should be noted that Odesa boasts one of the largest ports of Europe, which was built back in 1794. Historically, Odesa is a port city. This summer you have the opportunity to plunge into the world of Maritime Law in one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Ukraine. The XI Summer ELSA Law School on the law of the sea in Odesa is waiting for you!
Maximum participation fees
  • ELSA Members from non-favoruted Countries - 300€;
  • ELSA Members from Favoured Countries - 270€;
  • ELSA Alumni / ALSA Members - 360€;
  • Non ELSA Members - 360€
Maximum extra fees
  • Two-way transfer - 20€;
  • Gala ball - 45€
  • Extra-night - 20€
  • Where?
    Odesa, Ukraine
    Hotel, Odesa
    Number of participants
    Date of arrival
    Date of departure
    Academic Partner
    National University 'Odesa Law Academy'
    Academic Programme

    The main topic of our Summer ELSA Law School will be Maritime Law!

    In the period of humanity’s transition to the ‘environmental world’, we must not forget the law. This is especially true for Maritime Law.
    The school will give information about the symbiosis of Environmental Law, Maritime law and business. You will learn about the standardisation of environmental protection in the legal context. You will also have an opportunity to improve your practical knowledge in Odesa!

    The academic programme will consist of different types of activities:

    • Seminars
    • Workshops
    • Practice knowledge
    • Moot courts, etc.

    The academic programme will be held in one of the oldest universities in Odesa – National University ‘Odesa Law Academy’.

    Today, the National University ‘Odesa Academy of Law’ is a centre of legal education and science in Ukraine and is a leading higher educational institution in the sphere of law.

    The National University “Odesa Academy of Law” is the successor to the rich traditions of Odesa School of Law, the history of which is rooted back in the year 1847 (the time of the foundation of the law faculty of the Richelieu lyceum – the first higher educational institution in Odessa). In 1865, the law faculty became part of the Imperial Novorossiysk University. In 1997, the year which marked 150 years of legal science and education in Odesa, the Law Institute of Odesa State University was transformed into Odesa State Academy of Law. One year later, the university acquired membership of the European University Association; in 2000, the Academy was granted the status of a national higher educational institution.

    Day 1

    • Introduction
    • Lectures on ‘Maritime Law & Ecology Today’

    Day 2

    • Workshops on ‘Standardisation of the Maritime Aspects of Environmental Law’
    • Introduction to the ‘fabula’ for moot court competition

    Day 3

    • Lecture on ‘The Sea, Ecology and Business’
    • Discussion with the Administration of Odessa Sea-Port

    Day 4th

    • Lecture/Workshop on ‘How to Use our Knowledge in Practice’
    • Q&A about the moot court competition

    Day 5th

    • Moot Court Competition
    • Conclusion