Zadar – Human Rights and Globalisation


We are honoured to invite you to this year's 21st SELS in Zadar. ELSA Zagreb has a long and proud tradition of hosting one of the best Summer ELSA Law Schools in the ELSA Network. Our Summer ELSA Law School takes place in the beautiful city of Zadar, situated on the eastern coast of the Adriatic sea. Zadar is known as one of top summer destinations in Europe, which earned Zadar the title of European Best Destination 2016.

This year's Summer ELSA Law School is 21st in a row, which makes it the oldest Summer ELSA Law School in ELSA network. We still remain focused on human rights and globalization, this time in context of Restriction of Human Rights and Freedoms in States of Emergency.

We aim to connect law students from different European countries and to educate them in the field of human rights and also to let them see what ELSA spirit is all about. SELS Zadar is a unique opportunity for them to meet incredible people and strenghten the collaboration between nations, which should be part of everyday life in order to make world we live in a better place.

Our mission is to inspire creativity, passion and optimism in future generations of law students. The overwhelming success of previous SELS editions in Zadar did not make us lose focus. This year, as every year, we are working even harder to offer a programme which will be interesting and professionally relevant to our young colleagues. This experience will be very valuable to participants, not only because it will satisfy their thirst for knowledge, but also because it will be an asset to their future careers. As such, SELS Zadar proves to be a significant addition to the already rich ELSA universe.

21st SELS Zadar on Human Rights and Globalisation will take place from the 19th to 26th of July 2020 in Zadar. The academic programme shall revolve around different legal aspects of human rights with an emphasis on restriction of fundamental human rights and freedoms in states of emergency. 

Apply right now and enjoy an unforgettable 7 days full of knowledge and spectacular moments with new friends at one of the jewels of the Adriatic Sea.

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Maximum participation fees
ELSA Member from a non-favoured country - 350€
ELSA Member from a favoured country - 315€
Alumni of ELSA – 450€
Members of a partner organisation – 450€
Non-member - 450€
Maximum extra fees
Gala Ball - 50€
Two-way airport transfer - 30€
SELS T-shirt - 20€
Zadar, Croatia
University of Zadar Youth Hostel, Zadar
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
Academic Programme

Over the period of 7 days the Summer ELSA Law School will provide to its participants an excellent possibility to broaden their knowledge in the area of human rights by getting to know the perspectives of leading lecturers and internationally renowned practitioners.

The academic program will cover:

  • Basic Concepts and Institutions of States of Emergency
  • Administration of Justice and Protection of Human Rights in States of Emergency
  • Constitutional Allocation of Executive and Legislative Power
  • Restrictions of Human Rights in States of Emergency (Right to Privacy,  Right to Freedom of Movement and others) 
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • The Common Security and Defence Policy of European Union and its Missions
  • and many more pressing topics!
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