Ljubljana – Business Law: Challenges of the Upcoming Decade


ELSA Slovenia is thrilled to announce its Summer ELSA Law School, which will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from August 25 - September 1, 2024.

Ljubljana, the charming capital city of Slovenia, is a delightful blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy. Nestled at the foot of the Julian Alps, this picturesque city is characterized by enchanting medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, and leafy green spaces. The Ljubljanica River gracefully flows through the heart of the city, adorned with quaint bridges, inviting cafes, and lively markets. One of the most famous landmarks is Ljubljana’s historic Old Town, home to the iconic Ljubljana Castle perched atop a hill, offering panoramic views of the city below. With its vibrant cultural scene, thriving culinary scene, and friendly atmosphere, Ljubljana captivates visitors with its unique blend of beauty, culture, and history. 

Our SELS will provide an extensive programme exploring legal aspects of Business Law. Led by experts, it will cover topics on Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate & Contracts, Financial Law, Competition Law, as well as Sports Law. Through lectures, seminars, and roundtables, which will mostly be held at the modern and spacious Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, and other activities hosted by leading Tier 1 Slovenian business law firms, participants will gain valuable insights and skills essential for navigating the legal complexities of modern Business Law.

Join us this summer in Ljubljana for an enriching academic, cultural, and social programme and an unforgettable experience! 

You can find more information on ELSA Slovenia's Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as SELS Ljubljana's Facebook and Instagram

Participation fees
ELSA Member from a favoured country - 335€
ELSA Member from a non-favoured country - 375€
Members of a partner organisation – 400€
ELSA Alumni – 400€
Non-member - 420€
Extra fees
Gala Ball - 50€
SELS Ljubljana T-shirt - 12€
Ljubljana, Slovenia
C-Punkt Hostel, Ljubljana
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law
Complexity of Academic Programme
Academic Programme

During SELS Ljubljana, participants will experience an immersive academic journey where, each day, they will explore a different facet of Business Law. From Mergers and Acquisitions to Corporate & Contracts, Finance, Competition Law, and Sports Law, our Academic Programme will cover various vital topics. Collaborating with leading law firms and experts, we plan to offer Participants a chance to engage with the latest legal trends and expand their expertise across various legal domains.

Join us for an enriching educational experience tailored to address contemporary challenges and foster in-depth learning.

The Academic Programme of our SELS is as follows (subject to change):

  • Sunday
    • None (Arrivals)
  • Monday 
    • Current trends in M&A (post-pandemic, inflation, sustainability) 
    • Getting the M&A Deal Done
    • Seminar on drafting M&A clauses 
  • Tuesday
    • Corporate Law and Sustainability: Exploring ESG Principles 
    • Negotiation Tactics in Business 
    • Panel Discussion: Leadership in Law
  • Wednesday
    • Seminar on drafting out-of-court debt restructuring agreements (MRAs) 
    • Regulating Cryptocurrency: Navigating Legal Frameworks in the EU
    • Exploring the Treasury: A Visit to the Bank of Slovenia Museum 
  • Thursday 
    • Merger control in the EU and »gun-jumping« 
    • Competition Law in the Era of Tech Giants
    • Comparative Analysis: EU vs. US Competition Law 
  • Friday 
    • Analysing Competition Aspects in the Super League Case before the CJEU 
    • Esports – Addressing Antitrust Concerns (league monopolies, exclusivity agreements, and player contracts) 
    • Analysis of Case Law 
  • Saturday
    • None
  • Sunday
    • None (Departures)

Here you can find more information on the Speakers of our SELS.

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