I consider Summer ELSA Law Schools one of the best projects of ELSA since it’s the perfect way to connect learning and fun. It also offers many opportunities to meet people coming from different cultures and to create strong and ever-lasting relations with them.  Furthermore, it allows you to develop skills in fields that you might not have the chance to study in your degree. 

Ilke, Turkey

ELSA Law Schools are the best combination of traveling and learning. Not only do you explore different fields of law, you also create an amazing international network of students and proffesionals. Whichever of the 60+ ELSA Law Schools in total and 40+ Summer ELSA Law Schools this year,  it will surely be a summer well spent.

Glen, Albania

With its affordable prices, diverse countries in which the ELSA Law Schools are located, its comprehensive academic and incredibly entertaining social programmes aiming to integrate the cultures of the countries; ELSA Law Schools have succeeded to stand out in the legal community. I strongly recommend everyone to apply and have the opportunity to experience the great international networking that only ELSA Law Schools can provide.

Çağla, Turkey

Participating in an ELSA Law School was an unique experience for me. Every day was full of very interesting academic programme conducted by professionals. At the end of the project we got certificates which confirmed our participation in it. Not only I expand my legal knowledge, but also I met a lot of fantastic people from all over the Europe. I can recommend it to everyone for summer break!

Monika, Poland