Uppsala – Arbitration

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This winter you will have an opportunity to experience a week focused on the exciting subject of arbitration. Activities throughout the week will vary between practical and theoretical work to give you more insight and knowledge about arbitration. You will for example participate in seminars and workshops.

Experience Swedish winter at the oldest university in the Nordics, Uppsala University. Uppsala is one of the most popular cities in Sweden to study with programmes and activities for everyone. During our Winter ELSA Law School you will not only learn about arbitration but also experience the scenic city and get a taste of an Uppsala's students' life. We will also visit the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, for a day with fun activities planned. 


Maximum participation fees
ELSA Member from a non-favoured country - 350€
ELSA Member from a favoured country - 315€
ELSA Alumni - 420€
Member of a partner organisation - 435€
Non - ELSA Member - 450€
Maximum extra fees
Gala Ball - 50€
Two way airport transfer - 30€
Extra night - 45€
Uppsala, Sweden
CityStay hotel, Uppsala
Number of participants
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Academic Partner
Department of Law, Uppsala University
Academic Programme

The aim of this Winter ELSA Law School is to introduce you to the subject of arbitration and equip you with the tools and knowledge to apply to your future professional life. After attending the academic program you will feel more confident and familiar with the subject of arbitration and hopefully leave you wanting to advance within the subject. The academic program will include: 

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Visit to Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
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